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Making Google Work for You: Adwords

Google has lots of great tools, when, if used properly can be a real asset to businesses and non-profits with a small advertising budget.  Let’s take some time to focus on Google Adwords.  Adwords are a great way to bring in business because it allows for highly targeted ad placement.  However, it costs time and money so if you’re planning to set up an account for your business its important to make sure you use the program to its fullest extent.

Adwords, in short, is Google’s pay per click advertising service, this means businesses and other advertisers are only charged when their ad is clicked on.  Advertisers bid for key words or phrases that are relevant to their business (a personal trainer might bid on the word “fitness” or the phrase “work out session”), the cost they end up paying for each word or phrase is determined by the bids of other advertisers.  If an advertiser bids high enough, their ad will appear on Google’s search page every time somebody searches for one of the words or phrases they’ve bid on, when somebody clicks on the ad the advertiser is charged. The ads are minimally invasive and show up on the right hand side of the search page.  Even if you’ve never clicked on one before you have undoubtedly noticed them. 

What’s great about Adwords is not only the fact that you can target customers searching for topics relevant to your business, but you can further target the ads based on things like location of the person searching and the time they are searching.  If you want people to see your ad during store hours you can make sure it only appears between 9 and 5.  If you only want people with in a ten mile radius of your business, you can specify that too.  However using Google Adwords in a way that benefits your business requires knowledge of how to use the system.  For small businesses with a limited budget it’s important that you pay close attention to targeting your ad, wording your ads so they are most effective, and bidding on affordable words that will secure relevant placement.

Google offers the best tutorials on how to use their services. By going to the Adwords home page you can find fantastic tutorials including videos on how to use the service. Google also offers seminars for success that include Adwords 101.  If they offer seminars in your area—sign up!  I attended one on Google Analytics and it was a great experience.

In the past I used a website called Searchenginewatch.com.  They have good write- ups on how to use Adwords, however they were written in 2008 and there have been significant changes to the service since then.  They’re still useful, but I’d recommend what Google has to offer over these how-to’s.

Here are some interesting blogs/articles about the topic:





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Interview with a Massage Therapist

This is an interview with an NY based Massage Therapist who’s business La Dolce Vita Massage is based in Long Island City.  We would love reader feedback on what questions we should be asking in future interviews so please leave a comment, either with follow up questions for this interview or questions you would like us to ask future subjects.

CSM: What kind of business do you own?

Answer: Massage Therapy Business

CSM: Where is your business located?  Where do you do most of your sales?

Answer: 4712 Vernon Blvd, Hunters Point (Long Island City). From street traffic or by word of mouth.

CSM: What is your target demographic (age, location, socio-economic status)?

Answer: Men & Woman between 18-80. I also focus on pregnant woman of any age.

CSM: What is your primary marketing strategy (is it traditional, like print/TV or is it mainly digital). If both, how does the approach to each differ?  How do the results differ?

Answer: Primarily my website is my main marketing strategy, but I haven’t tried the print approach yet. I’m sure print advertising will work for me, I just have not have placed an add in a publication yet. I’m looking to place an add in next month’s LIC/Astoria free magazine Boro.  I’m excited to see the results of local adverting.

CSM: What social media do you use (facebook, twitter, etsy, etc.)

Answer: Right now I’m on Facebook, Yelp, Google and LinkedIn.  I’m still a little uneducated about  social media, so I’m not as familiar with twitter and even facebook buisness pages as I would like to be.

CSM: How does marketing through social media impact your business (if it does not impact your business please explain why)? Please discuss the primary impact as well… is it sharing information, actual sales, building a fan base, etc.

Answer: I’m not sure how much of an impact social media will have on my business as I am relatively new. I believe that google ads and yelp will help tremendously.  I plan to steer more of my current customers there to post reviews, in order to acquire new clients and increase awareness in LIC.

CSM: How is social media changing the sense of community around your business?

Answer: I believe social media is imperative to the success of any business and while I work in a large city people search locally.  I think social media makes finding places easier, and reviews help either drive people or ward them away.  I’m excited in the way the community comes together in sites like Astorians.com.  It makes this big city feel much smaller.

CSM: How would your marketing strategy be different if you didn’t have social media as a tool?

Answer: I would do more print ads and handing out of flyers (which I don’t think really work)

CSM: Is there any instance in today’s world where you would NOT recommend social media as part of a business strategy?

Answer: Absolutely not, isn’t social media just an extension of word of mouth adverting? Maybe if your running a bad business.

CSM: What advice do you have to offer other people entering your industry as they contemplate where to put their efforts online?

Answer: Know your market and use online resources that are geared towards those individuals. Targeting is key, use internet searches to your advantage.  Sometime even a little homework goes a long way.  Also, understand your client, if you get a negative review reach out and contact that person and see if you can resolve the situation.

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Twitter 101

With 2010 coming to a close and 2011 knocking on the door, social media is all the buzz.  It has emerged as a viable advertising medium and something that can be applied to almost any business.  The best part is that it’s free. With Twitter and Facebook emerging as the clear winners there are lots of other social media outlets as well that could help you. Unless you use these tools everyday this social world may seem scary.  Some questions that might come to mind, are how do I use these social tools to increase my business?  What helps me get customers to come back again and again to my page or following my business?  There are most likely several other questions that come to mind as well.  Hopefully, this will help you get started on social media and understanding it.  Lets start with Twitter.


101 – Introduction
I like this site, it explains Twitter and how it works in ways you will understand.  It also is a great starting point if you have a question about Twitter.  If you are a newbie, this is the first place you want to go.

101 – Business
Plain and simple, businesses are one of the key reason Twitter is an effective tool. The link above gives the 101 on how as a business you can use Twitter.

Who doesn’t have questions?  This page will help you find answers.

Follow these blogs:

Engage your consumer – JetBlue does this really well.

When your promoting your business, remember to give your “fans” a reason to subscribe or follow you.  Do fun promotions on twitter.  A great example of this is JetBlue


Tip: Remember that EVERYONE can see your twitter, your followers get updates when they log in on the dashboard.

Tip # 2:  Twitter also shows up on google when you search however, only when it’s a highly tweetted item.  Try typing JetBlue twitter into google and you will see a Real Time Results section in your google search.

How does your Business use Twitter? We’d love to know…

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