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Boutique Owner Grows Small Business by Using Social Media

Carla Gizzi knows her business. She’s had a vintage inspired home and jewelry boutique in Red Bank, New Jersey for fifteen years. She says that business has slowed in the past few years, but with a loyal following it hasn’t disrupted her passion for buying merchandise and finding new ways to promote her shops. By using a combination of social media and cause marketing strategies Carla is bringing in new customers and growing her business.


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Social Media Strategy for the Cinnamon Snail

Last week I spoke with Adam Sobel about how he uses social media for his small business.  Initially, I found the Cinnamon Snail through an article in my local paper, but since then I started following him on Facebook. It was cold day when we spoke, but he had a long-lineup of loyal customers who wanted to have some great vegan food served up right out of a food truck. How’d they find him? Through his Facebook and twitter updates.

There was a lot of ooohing and ahhing as some people ate right there on the spot. I waited to get home and have the *Special* lemongrass 5 spice seitan, with arugula, red curried cashews, wasabi mayonnaise, and Szechuan chili sauce on a grilled baguette. My husband couldn’t believe what we were eating wasn’t meat. Kudos to Adam! Delicious. Delicious. Delicious!

Watch how this entrepreneur merges culinary inventiveness with sound marketing practices. He is the one to watch because he’s only been in business since February this year and converted another new customer—Me!

If you didn’t see my earlier post check it out now.

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Who Uses Twitter?

Hot off the presses, the Pew Report on Who’s Using Twitter was just released today. Here’s what they found about twitter users:

• 14% are between the ages of 18-29
• 7% are between the ages of 30-39
• 18% Hispanic
• 13% Black
• 7% White
• 10% Women
• 7% Men
• 9% College educated
• 5% High school diploma
• 11% Urbanites
• 8% Suburbanites
• 36% Check twitter updates one time per day
• 25% Check twitter updates a few days per week or every few weeks
• 54% Make post humorous or philosophical observations about life
• 53% Re-tweet material posted by others
• 24% Use the service to tweet their location

Check out the Full Report

How does your Business use twitter? We’d love to know…

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