Webinars: a great resource for small businesses and non-profits

Have you ever worked for a non-profit or a small business? If you have you know the work-load always outweighs the resources available. For several years I worked in the communications department of a non-profit.  While working there the communications department began making the switch to digital it was up to me to become educated on best practices.  How did I go about doing this?

Working for a non-profit or small business costs are always top of mind. I found that Webinars is one of the best resources out there.  Not only are many of webinars free, but they also allowed me to communicate with non-profits across the United States.  This was helpful since we were all in different places but we were all trying to figure out how to best raise funds through Facebook, tweet effectively, improve our newsletters, and create Webpages that encouraged supporters to take action.

Below are a list of sites that host webinars that are useful to any business, non-profits, and anyone looking to get involved or learn more about social media.  I personally prefer the interactive ones, because they have a better flow to them and you can communicate while it’s taking place. However, even the webinars that don’t allow for real time participation will ask everyone who is registered to submit questions prior to starting so that the speaker(s) can address the needs of whoever is attending the webinar.

For PR, Cision offers great webinars (and leaves them posted on the site if you’ve missed them).

Mediabistro is a favorite as well.  You do have to pay to watch most of them, but a few are free.  A lot of it is also geared towards journalists and copywriters but they have some great ones, like “Controlling Your Online Presence”.  They also get great speakers.

Hubspot is another good one.  Again great webinars on marketing for your business.  And again, some are free and some are not.



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